Tuesday, October 7, 2014

MY NEW BLOG, actually it was my writing blog for a while, and sometimes I was allowed a photo, sometimes two of the same and sometimes none at all, nevertheless, it fits with what i need now, Brian you already know it, none other than:


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sometimes people's lives break my heart. On waking up, after feeding my cats, and sitting on the couch, with my coffee I heard this whimper that I could not make out. As I sat with my first coffee I looked again out of the balcony, and I saw her, a beautiful German Sheppard that had been tied up to the cart attached to a van, and manage to escape, but she kept on coming back and she broke my heart, I got dressed quickly couldn't find my coffee mug, took an old one filled it with coffee and ran downstairs with stupid pants that kept on slipping down. I managed to call her back, and she came to me, whimpering, I soothed her, tried to find her owner but he was no where, it was early and I annoyed a whole bunch of people by pushing the honk loudly and for a few minutes, hoping the owner would come out I had found her and kept her close to me. In trying to find her owner, well  whoever left her roped to the van. I walked around, then  had an inkling and went to knock on one door that a man who had the tools of the trade could be in. But no luck. The door was unlocked I must have called 5 different numbers, trying to find the owner, because I would never bring her to SPCA she was so sweet, so beautiful so instead I ramsacked the owner's van trying to find a name a number, finally found after 30 minutes of calling and checking a driver's license with the name, I called for the number he said it wasn't him, i called several number....nothing. Everyone who saw her gave her a wide berth fearing like most do the German Sheppard. She was a pussy cat, really although she put me through her spaces turning me this way , that way, almost had me fall on the cement when she spotted the dreaded squirrels. Battle of the wills....I sat and she sat next to me and I told her what am I suppose to do? bring you to the SPCA, not a chance. Sit here until someone comes out. I'm outta of food I have to go shopping. If I hadn't had my 3 cats I would have brought her up and try to keep her quiet until i found the owner. Inside the truck though was a baby cart, tons of literature and pamphlet on God and had crosses everywhere. I tried everything i could think of, then discouraged I sat down and a black jeans, black sweater dark hair man came out, and said it's ok, she followed me so i took her. I looked at him and asked him please tell me she's yours, I said no judgment please tell me she's yours. He couldn't answer. So I gave him a hug, he put the German Sheppard in the truck and went back to his work the windows were opened, and it was cool...but he got shy to admit this was his van. No judgment you live the way you have to. On My way out, cause i do have to go buy food, I'll bring him some water to drink. Although his truck front seat is a mess as I went through everything. Oh gosh, I know I'll give her my old coffee mug which he can't spill much and at least she can drink a bit...if I find the owner and he says ok....I woke up at six it's now 9h00...and I feel like a truck ran over me...but she was so beautiful....To all those who are homeless I give you my heart.